I feel that last week was quite intense, so let’s do something a bit more playful this week.

I noticed that when I struggle with a certain need on the circle with my children, it shows up in the other relationships as well. It seems that the knowledge that is held in my system, my body that certain needs are not safe comes when I am with different people. For example, I am not a natural at ‘enjoy with me’. Even though I’ve known it for a while and I am using the tools I shared with you, I still need to be quite deliberate about making space for ‘enjoy with me’ moments and being quite present in them as they unfold. It doesn’t always work like that, but I can notice that that sense of discomfort is less intense with other people, less visceral, it is easier to negotiate with it.

I was talking to somebody like me, I would suggest:

  • Get curious about your ‘enjoy with me’ experiences with other people.

  • Actively create more opportunities for it to happen.

  • Feel into what’s it like to be in those moments.

  • See what you can bring back from this experience to your ‘enjoy with me’ moments with your children.

Invitations for this week

  • Think about your chosen part of the circle and what’s it like in other relationships, in different contexts?

  • How can you create opportunities to be more present in those moments in other relationships?

  • Ideally, I’d like you to make a plan and actually do it, really see what it feels like not only in your head, but also in your body.

  • Notice how that experience is shifting what's it like for you to be in that part of the circle with your children.

As always - come and let us know what you planned for this week in the group


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