Step 1. If you created a time to think mind map last week - revisit it to re-inspire yourself. If have not done it yet, it might be a good idea to do it now. Here is the video from last week about an exercise that will help you tap into your 'Why?':

Your one thing
Time to think

Step 2. Make a list of things that get in the way of taking time to think or to implement the insights that come up.


Step 3. Choose one of those things to focus on this week. How would you like it to be instead? Describe it in as much details as you can. 


Step 4. When you want to change something, the easiest way to make a start is by creating the environment that supports that change. What can you do to make things easier for you? Some ideas:


  • Asking your family for support

  • Choose a spot for it and make cosy

  • Come back to it at the same time every day, make it part of your routine

  • Have reminders

  • Find a way to make it fun

Step 5. What is your plan for this week?


Step 6Tell us about it in the group.

Step 7. Keep going with our updated 10 minutes time to think and see what happens. 

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