'Enjoy with me' is a shared experience of enjoyment and it can take lots forms, from lauder and more active fun to quietly going 'ahhhhhw, this is nice'.  I kept this module quite broad and open to make it spacious enough to suit your 'enjoy with me'.

Here is a list of things that can stand in the way of 'enjoy with me' and can help to find more of it. As you are you are going through it, write down practical day to day examples how those things might be showing up for you:


Helpful: expecting to enjoy the time together, even if you are doing something mundane

Helpful: shifting the focus from the task to your child

Not helpful: expecting that it will boring, tedious, stressful

Staying available

Helpful: valuing connection and enjoyment, having it high on your priority list

Not helpful: distractions


Helpful: putting your agenda on hold

Helpful: noticing and welcoming your child's ideas


Not helpful: 'helpful' comments and suggestions



Helpful:  time connection, exploration, fun, is part of your daily/weekly routine

Not helpful: time pressure to get to the outcome

Not helpful: feeling time poor, too busy

Invitations for this week

  • What helps you?

  • What stands in the way?

  • What would you like to focus on this week?

  • How can you enjoy the process of creating more of 'enjoy with me'?

As always - come and share where you are at in the group


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