We can get better acquainted with bigger, stronger, wiser and kind by looking at what happens when certain parts of it are missing. In the words of Circle of Security Parenting:

  • When we lose bigger, stronger and wiser we act "weak"

  • When we lose kind we act "mean"

  • When we lose all four we are "gone"

Invitations for this week

It is impossible to be bigger, stronger, wiser and kind all the time. Think of a situation in which you acted "weak", "mean" or "gone". Whilst doing this, remember to be kind and gentle with yourself - in that exact moment it was possibly the best you could do.

  • Is that a part of a recurring pattern?

  • How can you look after yourself to lessen the chances of it happening again?

  • How would you like to show up differently?

As always - come and share where you are at in the group

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