A map for raising emotionally secure children

Circle of Security Parenting

A team of psychotherapists put in an incredible amount of work and dedication into creating this course:

  • Reviewed 30 years of attachment research

  • Distilled the key ideas that are most important and helpful for parents to know

  • Stripped off all the professional jargon

  • Presented it in plain language, with videos and graphics


During the three years of creating the first version of the course, it was test-run in six countries at 30 different sites. The feedback from colleagues worldwide was taken into account, and the final version was released in 2010. Since then, it has been translated to Arabic, Cantonese, Danish, Estonian, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Romanian, Spanish and Swedish. Now we have an updated 2018 version of the course. 


Circle of Security Parenting course is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process designed to strengthen the sense of security in your relationship with your children. You will learn the skills that will help you to:

  • Confidently approach difficult conversations with your children 

  • Help your children to express what is going for them and manage their intense emotions 

  • Understand what is driving your children's challenging behaviour and how you can help them to be more in control of their behaviour choices

  • Manage your triggers and come back to feeling patient and calm.​

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After 60 years of research we know that the more secure children are, the more they are able to:

  • Enjoy more happiness with their parents

  • Feel less anger at their parents

  • Turn to their parents for help when in trouble

  • Solve problems on their own

  • Get along better with friends

  • Have lasting friendships

  • Solve problems with friends

  • Have better relationships with brothers and sisters

  • Have higher self-esteem

  • Know that most problems will have an answer

  • Trust that good things will come their way

  • Trust the people they love

  • Know how to be kind to those around them


(Cooper, Hoffman and Powell; Circle of Security International, 2018)

Course details

Duration of the course: 8 one and a half hour sessions. We can meet weekly or fortnightly. 


Location: online or in Forest Row, East Sussex, UK

Once you sign up, you’ll receive:

  • A welcome questionnaire 

  • Your course workbook

  • Access to email and voice message support

Fee: £995

Booking: to book your place, click on the Circle of Security Parenting logo below.  

Frequently asked questions

What happens during the sessions?

There are three parts in each session:

  • Checking in about your week, your observations, reflections, wins and challenges.

  • Studying the course material: each session covers an essential piece of information about developing secure relationships. The content is delivered in a highly interactive and relatable way through videos of parents and their children, graphics and plenty of time for reflection and discussions that will help you to weave your insights into your day-to-day parenting.

  • Reflecting on the session offers the opportunity to decide what you would like to take away from the session and explore further during the coming week.

Do I need to do anything between sessions?

The most important thing is to keep your insights from the previous session in your awareness as you go about your day-to-day parenting. It’s not about doing more; it’s about doing differently. If you would like to take things a little deeper then I recommend committing to 10 minutes of reading and 10 minutes of journaling on most days.

What support is available between the sessions?

  • Before we start our sessions, I will send you a detailed questionnaire about your relationship. Having a good understanding of your current relationship will help us to make the most of our sessions.

  • You will have a course workbook that highlights the key points covered in each session and helps you to stay focused on the current step. I am a huge believer in doing one thing at a time. It will help you to stay out of the overwhelm and keep moving forward. You’ll have the key information at your fingertips to review whenever you need it.

  • I will be available to support you via email and voice messages. You will not feel on your own with your parenting dilemmas, I will be on the other end of the line to listen to your insights and frustrations, answer your questions and celebrate your successes with you. 

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