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Rewiring generational attachment patterns to create more security in your most important relationships

Embodied Safety

You have learned a lot about nurturing attachment security in the Circle of Security Parenting course. Understanding how your core sensitivity might be shaping some of your parenting will help you use what you have learned so far more fully. Core sensitivities is our shark music that is most easily triggered, like that car alam that gets activated by a gust of wind. This type of shark music can come on quickly, impact us and our parenting decisions in a profound way and stay on for a long time. The more familiar we are with core sensitivities, the more we can be in the driving seat of shaping the kind of hands we are for our children.  

When we do this work, we benefit, our children benefit, and it ripples out into our other relationships and the generations that will come after us. 

Embodied Safety programme can help you to:

  • Spot when your core sensitivity gets activated

  • Know how to look after yourself in those moments

  • Pause and make parenting decisions that are still based on your values and your children's needs

  • Rewire your nervous system for safety so that those fears are triggered less often, feel less intense and, in some cases, don't feel threatening any more

  • Shift outdated relational patterns that might have been impacting your family for generations

What's included:

  • Twelve 60-minute Brainspotting sessions to access and heal specific attachment wounds and unresolved traumas stored within the brain and body. These traumas may stem from painful early childhood experiences, neglect, abandonment, or inconsistent caregiving, which can undermine our sense of security. By working with attachment-related traumas, we can release emotional blocks, process unresolved feelings, and show up as our adult selves in our relationships with our children more often. Once healed, they can free up space to connect with our children in the present moment, it is easier to see more of who our children are and share more of ourselves with them.

  • Fourteen weeks of access to live and on-demand neurosomatic practice sessions to create resilience, stress relief and repatterning in the nervous system.  This includes a 14-day guide that will take you, day-by-day, through the exact techniques to become familiar with your stress response, heal dysregulation, and enhance a sense of safety in your nervous system. Live classes take place five days a week and include Q&A sessions so you can get personalized feedback and be guided in real time on how to customise the work for your unique nervous system.

Booking Details

Date and time: 

  • Brainspotting: If we are currently working together, we can continue meeting on our regular day and time. If we don't have sessions at the time, we'll find mutually convenient time on the same day and time each week.

  • Neurosomatic practice: For best results, schedule 15-30 minutes each day at a time that is convenient to you. 

Investment: 3 monthly instalments of £550

Booking: Click the button below to set up your monthly payments:

If you'd like to explore how Embodied Safety can help you, you can book an initial consultation by clicking the button below:

“No matter how much insight and understanding we develop, the rational brain is basically impotent to talk the emotional brain out of its own reality.”

Bessel A. van der Kolk

Embodied Safety programme is delviered by:

UnaSocials-8047 - cropped.jpg

Una Archer, MSc. Soon after Una started facilitating Circle of Security Parenting courses, she noticed that even when we have the knowledge and a huge desire to be there for our children, our own trauma of unmet attachment needs can get in the way of connecting with our children and parenting how we really want to. Brainspotting is a gentle and effective way to locate and heal those traumas to help parents feel more present, relaxed and available when they are with their children. She completed her first Brainspotting training in 2016 and has been deepening her practice since then.  She is a Brainspotting UK training team member and a Brainspotting supervisor. 


Elisabeth Kristof, MA, is an expert in nervous system health for trauma resolution and behavior change. She is the founder of Brain-Based Wellness, an online platform that trains the nervous system and body to resolve old patterns, improve performance and increase well-being. She is co-host of Trauma Rewired, the Apple Top 100 podcast that teaches you about your nervous system, how trauma lives in the body and what you can do to heal. Her research and work with hundreds of clients taught her that healing and change must occur in both the body and the mind, that each body, mind, and nervous system is unique, and most importantly, that with the right tools, we are all capable of healing.

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