Easy connection consultation

Take a few breaths and get curious about what you notice - the feelings that are already there that probably would go unnoticed if you did not take that pause. The thoughts that might arrive in a quiet moment…

Connecting with our children can be about doing less, trying less hard and embracing what is already there. We all have our natural ways of connecting with our children that come easily for us, and that’s why we often overlook it.

Children have 11 attachment needs, and all of us are naturally good at meeting some of them, and other needs require more practice and patience. Your natural points of connection are those needs that you are already good at meeting.

If parenting feels like hard work, like a puzzle with constantly shifting pieces, getting clear about your easy points of connection will help you reduce the overwhelm and the sense that you are not doing enough. When you lean into your easy points of connection, everything else falls into place that much easier.

How it works
  • Getting started:  go to my calendar, choose a time that works for you and book Your easy connection session.

  • I’ll email you an in-depth questionnaire, please allow about an hour to fill it in and email it back to me at least 3 working days before our session.

  • We’ll meet for a 60-minute session at your chosen time. It will give you a clear idea about your easy ways of connecting with your child and practical tips on how you can use them in your day-to-day parenting. 

  • Location: Online on Zoom

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