Parenting workshop

In the early years and for many years to come, the main source of children’s emotional security is their relationship with their parents. I believe that each child yearns for their parents to see, understand, and appreciate them as a unique person that they are. I have seen over and over again how friction between siblings lessen or dissipate altogether when each child feels met as an individual.

In this workshop, we’ll look at practical ways of bringing this approach into day-to-day parenting:

  • Connecting with what is unique about each of your children

  • Helping siblings to navigate their debates in a way that allows you to hold and explore both (or more!) positions without taking sides

It’s a free workshop delivered on Zoom, on Wednesday, July 22, 8-9 pm UK time. Email me for the link if you would like to take part. 

“Una is a nurturing, kind and wise teacher and manages to convey an important message with gentleness and grace. I found the workshop extremely helpful in giving me the space to think about how I’d like to be with my children. I now have the mantra “bigger, stronger, wiser, kind” running through my head whenever I’m with my kids! Really useful, thank you, Una.”

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