Every family and every situation is unique. One-to-one consultations give us space to focus on what you need and move at a pace you are comfortable with.


Here are some examples of concerns I  helped parents with in the past:

  • My partner and I are separating, what can I do to protect our children?

  • The children get upset about going between our houses.

  • How can I help my children manage when there are regular let downs and changes to routine?

  • I don’t know how to answer my child’s questions about the separation / the other parent.

  • My children are angry with me.

  • I am feeling controlled, undermined and manipulated by the other parent and we still have to communicate regarding the children. It pushes my every button.

  • I’m working and managing the house, I don’t feel there is enough of me left for my child.

  • I had so much to deal with since separation, I have far less patience and am definitely a worse parent.

  • Parenting the way I want to on the days it all gets too much.

  • Even though I know it will not change, I just can’t accept that I am completely responsible for bringing up the children.

  • I’m not sure if the other parent is safe enough to spend time with the children.  

  • I struggle to hand the control over to my ex partner when children are with him.

  • I worry that our decision to separate will negatively impact my child.

  • The other parent recently got back in touch after a year, and wants to start seeing our child again.

  • I'm over the moon that we are having a baby, but I am worried how it will affect my first born.

If you would like to get a sense whether you are comfortable talking to me and explore how we could work together, book a free consultation with me. Use my calendar to find a time that works for you.

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