An online group for parents who would like to have ongoing support after our one-to-one work or the course they have completed


Parenting Comfortably group is here to help you stay connected with what is important to you as a parent, to deepen your understanding about creating secure relationships with your children and to use that understanding in your parenting.

There is a gentle structure to how the group is run with plenty of space to voice your needs, share your discoveries and be inspired by other parents’ journeys:

  • Monthly online group call to connect in real time. First Thursday of the month, 8-9pm UK time, via Zoom. 

  • Optional monthly one-to-one session. 

  • Closed Parenting Comfortably Facebook group to ask your questions, share your reflections, to vent and celebrate – all is welcome. I check in with the group every weekday. You will also find weekly live videos related to the discussions in the group and the accountability posts to help you stay present with your process. 

  • Module of the month to help you deepen your exploration of emotional security and to apply what you have discovered.


Part 1

Your sense of security

January: Filling your cup

February: Caring for your nervous system

March: Connecting with your people

April: Making time to think

This part is designed to help you nurture your own sense of security - your main resource when it comes to supporting your child.

Part 2

Understanding your child's needs

May: Exploration

June: Comfort

July: A secure base

August: Leading and following

In this part we will turn to the ultimate expert on your child - your herself or himself. You will learn how to find the answers to your parenting questions by observing and listening to your child.

Part 3

Choosing security

September:  Closing the gap

October: Growing your comfort zone

November: The 3 steps of repair

December: Maintaining the momentum

This module will help you to explore more opportunities to nurture the sense of security in your relationship with your child.

Choose the membership that better suits your current needs:

You are welcome to join the group, change your membership or leave the group at any point in the year. 

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