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What I appreciate most about this time of change is that it offers me an opportunity to take stock and be more present with what is most important to me. Yet, I notice that I need to be quite disciplined about creating time to think whilst responding and adapting to so many changes at once. 

If you would like some time to pause and think about how you could nurture yourself and your family - here are a few free workshops that might help.

Wednesday, April 8, 8-9pm

Helping Siblings to Get Along

In this workshop we will focus on sibling relationships. Sibling relationships are precious, sacred even, and children need our help to appreciate and enjoy it. In this workshop we’ll cover:

  • Addressing the main cause of sibling rivalry

  • Simple technique to help siblings to navigate their “debates”

  • Phasing out name calling

Wednesday, April 15, 8-9pm

Creating Some Space for You

Tuesday, April 21, 8-9pm

Helping Your Children to Get Things Done


I’ll see what common themes emerge in these workshops and decide what to focus on next. Here are the dates for the following workshops: 
Thursday, April 30, 8-9pm
Tuesday, May 5, 8-9pm
Thursday, May 14, 8-9pm
Tuesday, May 19, 8-9pm
Thursday, May 28, 8-9pm
Tuesday, June 2, 8-9pm
Thursday, June 11, 8-9pm

If you have an idea about what would be helpful for you – let me know.

Workshops will be delivered online, via Zoom. If you have used Zoom in the past simply click on the date of the workshop above at the time of the workshop. If you have not used Zoom allow a couple of minutes before the workshop to set it up. If you are using your phone or tablet, download free Zoom app and then click on your chosen date above. I'll be available to help you set up Zoom 10 minutes before the workshop. If you would like some help, give me a call on 07810 674518.

I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


If you would like to hear about future Calmer Parenting workshops, fill in the form below:


The following workshops are scheduled to take place at: 

The BeMoore Studio,  The Old Mill, 45 London Road, East Grinstead, RH19 1AW.

Depending on the situation with the Corona virus, some of them will be delivered online.

Listening Skills for Parents, 2-4pm, Saturday, April 25

For a busy parent moments of uninterrupted connection with your child can feel like a rare treat.
I will go through a few simple listening skills which, even when you’re low on time and energy, can help you to switch from a busy, “doing” mode to a place where you’re instantly more available to your child -resulting in unexpected, unplanned and utterly enjoyable quality time.
In this workshop we will practise some  simple listening exercises that will help you to:

  • Find your inner stillness and prepare yourself to listen

  • Stay present with what is being communicated both verbally and non-verbally

  • Respond in a way that invites your child to share a little bit more

Bookings: £15 for one person, £25 for two people

A Summer to Connect, 2-4pm, Saturday, July 4

This workshop is for parents who want to use the summer holidays to nurture their connection with their children. We will talk about:

  • Deepening connection through recognising and meeting children’s key emotional needs

  • Internal and external obstacles that can stand in the way of connection and ways of working with these obstacles

  • Creating a simple routine that supports connection


Bookings: £15 for one person, £25 for two people

Helping your Children to Get Things Done, 2-4pm, Saturday, September 19

Are you tired of repeating the same requests and reminders over and over again? ​Would you rather sit back, watch your children get on with what they need to do and delight in how proud they are of their achievements?

It may seem like a stretch but it is possible to get there. It just takes communication, planning and a bit of persistence. 

In this workshop we'll talk about:

  • •Helping children take responsibility for what they need to do

  • Identifying the support they need in order to get it done

  • How to provide that support without taking over

  • Maintaining  motivation when tiredness or boredom kicks in

Bookings: £15 for one person, £25 for two people

Calmer Parenting - Christmas edition, 2-4pm, Saturday, November 21

With pre-festive expectations and excitement running high, even simple parenting situations can become more challenging. Would you like to:

  • Stay calm and kind in the situations that push your buttons?

  • Understand what’s causing your child’s demanding behaviour?

  • Navigate difficult moments in a way that helps you stay connected with your child?

In this practical workshop we will choose and explore one challenging parenting situation. We will go through three simple steps to find a calmer, more connected, more empowering way to deal with it. With a bit of practice, you'll be able to apply these three steps to all sorts of parenting situations and have more enjoyable holidays.

Bookings: £15 for one person, £25 for two people

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