Even though emotional security can seem like quite an abstract concept, it can benefit your daily life in very tangible ways:

  • Still feeling like you are a good mum or dad when you are having a rubbish day

  • Listening to a request for help and feeling like you have space to consider your response rather than jumping straight in

  • Feeling more in touch with your own needs

  • Knowing that it is ok to make space for regular 'me' time

What is it like for you to read this list? Do you feel like your sense of security has grown and deepened over the years? 

What a head start of stronger sense of emotional security could mean to your children? It could lead to:

  • Openness to trying new things

  • Getting along better with siblings and friends

  • Persevering with tricky tasks

  • Confidence to ask for help

  • Being kinder to themselves and others

If you would like to see more of this in your home - Raising a Secure Child  book club could be a good next step for you. This book is a summary of what we currently know about supporting secure attachment. Authors of the book Bert Powell, Glen Cooper and Kent Hoffman took on the enormous task of reviewing the research on nurturing children’s emotional security that had accumulated over the last sixty years. They wanted to make this knowledge accessible to people who need it the most – parents and caregivers. The result of their effort is a reassuring and thought provoking book that offers a map for parents who want to raise emotionally secure children.​

What I appreciate most about this book is that it is not prescriptive. It clearly outlines what children need to feel safe and invites each parent to think about how are they meeting (and not yet meeting) their child’s needs and how they would liked to move forward in their parenting. All parents can benefit from diving deep into this book regardless of their personal parenting approach and cultural background.



Book club will start on Monday June 8 and will carry on for 9 weeks until Friday August 7. We will read a chapter a week and have weekly Zoom calls to share our reflections, realisations and ways we are applying what we are learning to our day-to-day parenting. Zoom calls will take place on Tuesdays at 8pm UK time. There will be a closed Facebook group for the book club members to ask questions, share observations and connect with each other in between the calls. 

Group size is limited to 9 members, you can register now to reserve your place. Individual membership is £180, payable in full or 2 monthly instalments of £90. Family membership is £270, payable in full or 2 monthly instalments of £135.

Email me or give me a call if you have any questions about how Raising a Secure Child book club.

Follow this link if you are ready to book your place. 

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