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Initial consultation

I believe that as you are researching your support options, it is important to have an opportunity for us to meet, for you to ask any questions you might have to see how comfortable you feel with talking with me. I tried to make booking this call as easy as possible - please go to my calendar and choose a time that works for you. As soon as you have booked the call, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link and a short questionnaire that will help me prepare for our call.

Circle of Security Parenting

Nurturing attachment security can be an important piece of the puzzle you are trying to solve. The Circle of Security Parenting course is a step-by-step process based on decades of attachment research. It offers a map for parents who want to raise emotionally secure children, regardless of their circumstances and challenges.


Brainspotting therapy can support nurturing secure attachment by helping you heal attachment wounds and unresolved traumas stored within the brain and body. These experiences can influence our relationships with our children in ways we don’t realise at the time. Once healed, they free up space to connect with our children in the present moment, we can see more of who our children are and share more of ourselves with them.

Brain mapping

Brain mapping helps people understand their brain function better. Through a sqEEG reading, we can identify specific areas of the brain that may be contributing to ADHD symptoms. It will allow us to develop a personalised neurofeedback training programme tailored to your needs and goals.

Neurofeedback therapy

Neurofeedback therapy is an evidence-based and non-invasive treatment that helps adults and children to train their brainwaves to achieve a healthier state – like exercise, but for the brain. It can help reduce symptoms associated with ADHD and other conditions, for example: ASD, anxiety, depression and trauma. It can also be used to improve performance and enhance one’s overall well-being.

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