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Welcoming a New Baby

Welcoming your new baby (even if it is not your first one) can affect every part of your being, your every relationship, every aspect of your life. Our sessions can help you reflect on those changes, navigate them with more awareness and intention and prepare the space in your life to welcome the new person.

Difficult Behaviour

If you have been dealing with your child’s difficult behaviour, you probably just want it to stop, and life be a bit easier and more peaceful. I understand. To get there, though, we need to dig a bit deeper. Here are a few ideas that I go by when it comes to behaviour management... 

Different Parenting Styles

Even though at times differences in views on raising children can be frustrating,  stubborn and make parenting decisions very, very difficult, we can look for a way to help different parenting styles to coexist quite happily.


Supporting your child with anxiety is about helping them to have tools and techniques that they can use, but also about helping you as a parent to understand and listen to what your child needs and to be able to trust that together, you can find a way to manage anxious moments, and find a way to live a more fulfilled, less anxious life. 

Supporting Your Child's Therapy

I help parents whose children are in therapy to understand what's likely to come up, how they can nurture and hold a protective space around their child while they are doing the hard work of processing all the things that they need to.


My experience of going through separation and supporting other separated parents helped me to develop an approach that puts children’s emotional security at the heart of every decision. Using this approach helps parents to:


  • Soften the impact of separation on their children

  • Address emotional or behaviour issues that might have cropped up

  • Help their children feel safe and loved

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