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Brainspotting therapy can support nurturing secure attachment by helping you heal attachment wounds and unresolved traumas stored within the brain and body. These experiences can influence our relationships with our children in ways we don’t realise at the time. Once healed, they free up space to connect with our children in the present moment, we can see more of who our children are and share more of ourselves with them.

Brainspotting can help us find, process and release specific attachment-related traumas or disruptions stored in the nervous system. These traumas may stem from early childhood experiences, such as neglect, abandonment, or inconsistent caregiving, which can disrupt the development of secure attachment. By working with attachment-related traumas, we can release emotional blocks, process unresolved feelings, and show up as our adult selves in our relationships with our children more often.

Brainspotting therapy helps us regulate our emotional states, which is essential for nurturing secure attachment. By accessing the brain's innate capacity for self-healing and resilience, we can learn to notice and adjust our emotional responses to attachment-related triggers. Increased emotional regulation helps us deepen a sense of safety and security within relationships.

“No matter how much insight and understanding we develop, the rational brain is basically impotent to talk the emotional brain out of its own reality.”

Bessel A. van der Kolk

Brainspotting therapy can help you create a new emotional reality of feeling safer in your body, your relationships and in the world. If you'd like to explore further how it can help you, please book an initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

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