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New Baby

Welcoming a a brand-new baby into your world can be one of the most beautiful and magical time in your life. 


Your relationship can start well before your baby is born. While in the womb, they can hear, see, taste, and are sensitive to touch and your emotions. You can experience a strong bond, a sense of being with your baby as a whole person while they are still floating about in the amniotic fluid. Fast forward to when your baby is 11 months old… We know from research that attachment pattern between a parent and their baby is established by they time they are 11 months old. I’m not saying that it will not change after that. I’m saying that pregnancy and early months is a great to time to be present, to nurture your relationship, to build a foundation for your life together. 


Bonding with and looking after the baby is not the only important thing during this time. Arrival of a new baby shifts everyone’s position and role in the family. Certain things need to move to make space for the new person. Change naturally brings some trepidation and loss, and that's okay. It doesn't have to be all perfect or all terrible. It is a mix of bits that are fantastic and heart-warming and bits that are frantic and even heart-breaking. 


It can be your older children getting used to sharing your attention. It can be you renegotiating how you share responsibilities with your partner. It can be you reflecting on your childhood, wondering about what you would like to pass on and what you would definitely like to do differently. And how? The list goes on and on. 


You can help everyone in the family feel safer by making space to talk about those changes before or as they happen. When every family member feels held in their changing role they can welcome the new baby with joy, rather than it being a source of conflict and worry. I can help you navigate how that looks for your family and how all relationships can be strengthened. 


Kate and Nik share how they experienced our work together:

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