Una Archer MBPsS is a psychologist helping families to:

  • Have better relationships

  • Manage overwhelming emotions and explore different ways of communicating with each other

  • Navigate life transitions: welcoming a new baby, returning to work, going through separation, blending families, adjusting to a loss of a family member

If you are looking for support in any of these areas - book an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and hopes.  


“I am able to deal with situations more calmly and effectively.”

“Una's gentle and practical approach has helped me deal with struggles more smoothly and understand my child's needs better.”

“I am more aware than before that when my daughter is being ‘difficult’ she is struggling with something. I know what to look for.”



One-to-one or family sessions give us space to focus on what you need and move at a pace you are comfortable with. Our work together will evolve over a number of regular sessions. If you would like to get a sense whether it is for you, get in touch to book an initial consultation

If you would like to learn about the key elements that contribute to your and your child's emotional security and put them into practice – this course might be a good option for you. 

This is a practical workshop in which we will take on one real life situation that tends to push your buttons. With the help of three simple steps for calmer parenting, we will look for a new way of thinking about and dealing with that situation.

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Forest Row, East Sussex, UK

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