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Initial consultation £45:

60-minute phone or Zoom call

Circle of Security Parenting Group £350:

Twelve weekly term-time 60-minute sessions in a group of up to 4 parents

Circle of Security Parenting 121 £2280:

Twenty-four weekly term-time 60-minute sessions

Can be paid in five monthly payments of £460

Family support and Brainspotting sessions:  

£95 for a 60-minute session

Brain mapping £250:

Two 60-minute sessions to read and interpret neurofunctional brain data 

Neurofeedback training fee will be calculated based on how many family members are doing the training and how frequently we'll meet for check-ins:

Neurofeedback kit: £350 

Unlimited neurofeedback training sessions: £250 a month per family member (please allow at least three months to complete the training programme)

60-minute check-in: £95 per 60-minute session (weekly or fortnightly)

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