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Creating a Peaceful Home

5 simple steps for resolving tensions in a calm and connected way

Free 5-part workshop starting

January 30, at 12 pm UK time

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Every parent deserves to feel at ease in their home, confident in their role as a parent and enjoy the years of bringing up their children. If parts of your day with your children constantly leave you feeling tense and drained - it does not have to be that way. 


In this workshop, we will go through a 5 step process that will help you transform one of those stuck areas and create more breathing space for you:

Step 1. Decide what you are no longer available for. Sometimes, we accept that those stuck situations are just part of parenting. What if they are not? The first step is getting clear on how you would like things to be and what would work for you.

Step 2. Connect with how you want to parent. Bringing about change takes time, and your child will need your support in this process. As parents, we hold more power than our children, and we have the responsibility to use it mindfully. This step is about reflecting on what qualities you will want to draw on to guide this transition with empathy and patience.  

Step 3. Figure out what support your child might need to be able to do things differently. For example, they might need to learn some new skills or support with the emotions that might come up about doing things differently. 

Step 4. Have conversations that set everyone up for success - we'll cover things like how to choose the best time to start a conversation, how to introduce it and stay grounded and open to your child’s reaction, and how to keep checking in with your child. 

Step 5. Stick with it after the novelty wears off. It’s helpful to anticipate that at some point, you or your child will get tired of it, and it will seem much easier to come back to doing things the old way and to know exactly what you’ll do to help you both stick with it until it becomes your new normal.  

By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear idea of how to transform that stuck area in a kind and supportive way that works for you and your child. Having a clear focus and action plan can help you feel excited and confident about approaching something that, at the moment, might feel confusing and overwhelming. 

As a parent, you already know that home can get anything but peaceful and helping your child manage their emotions and behaviour requires ongoing effort. 

I created this workshop because life is hectic, and the daily juggling often means we can’t slow down enough to think about how we really want to parent. 


Following this 5-step process can help you to:

  • Get out of the cycle of having to deal with the same situation again and again

  • Feel more patient with your child

  • Find a more connected way of navigating whatever comes up

  • Feel more confident in your parenting decisions

  • Save a lot of your precious time and energy

It’s not a prescriptive cookie-cutter approach. We will work together. I will bring my understanding of the attachment perspective to help us guide our thinking. You will bring your knowledge of the situation and your child, and together we will figure out what might be happening in your child’s world, what they might need and how you could meet those needs in a way that feels doable and manageable for you, that feels in alignment with how you want to parent. If you follow the steps, by the end of the workshop, you will have a clear idea of what action you want to take. 

I love approaching situations this way because we are not just fighting fires. We are going much deeper and strengthening the very foundation of your relationship. Although we will start by focusing on a single issue, what we will discover will help you navigate other situations that come up more easily and help you feel more secure in your parenting.

How it works

This workshop will be delivered on Zoom in daily half-hour sessions: 15 minutes of training and 15 minutes for discussion. I chose this format because this time between the sessions will give you space to fine-tune your insights, observe and reflect on how things are playing out at home and apply what you are learning straight away. 

If you miss a session, I can send you the recording of the training part of the session. The replay will also be available in the private Facebook group for workshop participants. 

Dates and times: January 30 - February 3, 2023, 12-12.30 pm UK time. 

Day 1. Decide what you are no longer available for

Day 2. Connect with how you want to parent

Day 3. Figure out what support your child might need to be able to do things differently 

Day 4. Have conversations that set everyone up for success

Day 5. Stick with it after the novelty wears off

If you don't want to wait until the beginning of the workshop, you can book Creating a Peaceful Home 121 here.

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