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Guided Relaxation

to help you feel calmer and more present with your children

Listen to this 9-minute guided relaxation whenever you want to slow down and feel more connected with yourself and your children. For lasting results, make it part of your evening unwinding routine and listen to it before you drift off to sleep.


Why guided relaxation?

Being stressed can become a natural emotional state, like 36.6°C (-ish) body temperature. It is nearly impossible to be present with your children when you are feeling stressed because your whole nervous system is telling you that it is not the right time for it, that you either need to fight, flight, freeze or appease:

  • When you are parenting from a fight or flight state, you are likely to notice that you are over-reaching, overdoing, reacting too quickly, before you even had a chance to check in with what your children need.

  • When you are parenting from freeze or appease state, even the smallest parenting task can feel overwhelming, too much to cope with. You may end up withdrawing and not quite reaching your children.

Father & Daughter

It is ok to find yourself in those places at times; it is part of being human. Even though it might be uncomfortable to recognise that it is happening, it is an incredibly helpful awareness to have. When you acknowledge and deal with your stress, your children don’t have to.

This is where this relaxation comes in. It is designed to send your nervous system a message that you are safe and don’t need to run or hide at the moment. It will help you to feel more relaxed, calmly alert, more receptive to your children’s signals and connect with them where they are, without over-reaching or under-reaching.

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