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 Relationship-based approach to managing screen time

Online workshop on Friday, July 7, 12-2 pm

Family Together
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When you see your child is struggling and don't know how to help them

28 ways you can be there for your child

Free mini-course

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When you keep on finding yourself arguing with your child about the same thing

28 ways to be there for your child

Free mini-course

Parenting challenges will come and go... What will stay is your relationship with your child

Relationship-Based Solution package

Is there a difficult situation with your child that comes up again and again? If it feels stuck and overwhelming and you are unsure what else to try to change it, I invite you to explore it from a relationship perspective.


We know that device use (both our own and our children's) can be a huge distraction, a source of ongoing tension and disagreements. It can chip away at how much we enjoy our relationships with our children. The next workshop will be on a relationship-based approach to managing screen time. 

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