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Do you feel like you are doing and worrying 24/7, and it’s never enough?

Parenting can be exhausting, like running a marathon and then some. Especially if you are going through a rough patch, it can feel like you are doing and worrying 24/7, and it’s never enough.

You might be saying to yourself: if I keep going and do more of what I am doing now, it will be ok.

Slowing down might seem like a luxury you can’t afford right now.

I believe that the more busy you are, the more challenged you feel, the more important it is to pause and breathe.

I imagine you heard the saying - connect before correcting.

It is about prioritising your relationship with your child over the outcome you want to get to, that thing you want to change.

It is about welcoming the fullness of your and your child’s experience in what can be a very uncomfortable situation.

It is about breathing a little deeper in moments of uncertainty.

Staying with it long enough can help you see new, different ways of approaching it.

I know it’s not easy. That’s why I created a free mini-course 28 ways you can be there for your child.

Each one of the 28 ways is a different invitation to pause and prioritise connection.

I hope it will help you feel more connected with your child and share more happy moments, even and especially before things are sorted.


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